Upgrade Your Festival

Book your Club Class Luxury Pass and get ready to be amazing.

As experienced festival goers ourselves we are far too familiar with the stress of having to ‘rough it’ at a festival. We just don’t believe you have to, in fact we like to think Club Class can help take this stress away and allow you to simply worry about having the most amazing time.

The Club Class area is a sectioned off compound and accessed only by those who hold a limited Club Class wristband. You can normally find us in the middle of the campsite and we’ll shout our location on social media just before the event.

The main features are the real flushing toilets; these are nothing like the festival toilets you will be used to. You’ll see our cleaners working round the clock, keeping everything fresh, clean and fully stocked. Then there are our hot showers, after a hard day of partying when you wake up there is nothing like a hot soothing shower, to wash off the night before and have you skipping out the door, ready for the day ahead.

And don’t forget the pamper lounge, always bigger and each year: more hair dryers, more hair straighteners (including free GHDs) and more make up stations. When you see someone sparkling during the festival you’ll know they are doing it in style, Club Class style.